Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am the 68 Percent.

Research shows that couples who remodel a home together are 68% more likely to wind up murdered. Most likely due to the fact that the logical, cost-savings balanced with aesthetic appeal wife murders her idiot spouse that wants to demo the entire home and start from scratch. Hello! That's called new construction. And we can't afford the amount of wine that project would require.

In other news, my 10-year old daughter apparently qualified for the state peddle tractor pulls that will be held on the 15th of next month. Three hours away.

We're one step away from being Honey Boo Boo's neighbor.

Which means we won't have to keep having these discussions about remodeling that end in stabbings.


Heather Bush said...

If you were Honey Bob Boo's neighbor - I would only be 3 hours away and then I could actually see yer face! In other news, murder of a spouse is frowned upon after the hole in the garage has been filled. Or so I have been told, I have never actually done either one.

Brenna said...

That's the 2nd Honey Boo Boo reference this week and I have no idea what this is all about. If only there were some kind of computer application that would allow me to find out.