Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey, YOU!

Remember when I told you we had to keep my awesome health insurance because the Bean might have something medically wrong with her that explains why she can't wipe the gobs of toothpaste out of the bathroom sink? Well, we might also need it for Cletus the Used to be Fetus because he might have short term memory loss.

This kid is like 50 First Dates except we can't get through sixteen seconds. I absolutely love Cletus - and I mean love in the sense I want to pick him up and hug him and squeeze him and eat his cheeks and never let him go because I can't get enough of this kid. I absolutely love him because he is the happiest baby on the planet. I thought my sister's youngest was, and he was, but now he scowls (which is frickin adorable, too, but you can't really call a scowly baby happy, you know? Even if he only scowls once in a while. It's a technicality.). Anyway, I prayed and hoped for a super happy baby and that is exactly what I got. He laughs these great belly laughs if you raise an eyebrow. He guffaws if you sneeze. He'll run up, hit his head against the wall, laugh, then run away giggling. Who doesn't want to be around a kid like that?

He'll look at you with this great excitement and a touch of awe like oh my goodness! there you are! I can't believe it! And he happily announces, "Hi!" like no one else in the worls matters except for you and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because he's so excited to see his Mama. (And really, there aren't too many people running up to me that excited to see me.)

He'll look up at me and get all excited, "Hi!" (which makes me smile) then he'll look down and continue playing with his car. Something will grab his attention and he'll look back up, spy me, and look at me like he hasn't seen me in years and what an awesome thing to be running into me like this: "Hi!"

Forty eight thousand, six hundred and eighty-two times a day. "Hi!"

Look of surprise: "Hi!"

Look of surprise: "Hi!"

Look of surprise: "Hi!"

He wakes up: "Hi!"

I change his diaper: "Hi!"

I feed him breakfast: "Hi!"

I have yet to leave his line of sight: "Hi!"

Always with the same look of excited surprise. Always with the same what are the odds we're in this same subway car when I haven't seen you in fifteen years and I live in New York and you live in California? voice.

I love him. He makes me feel like the most special woman on the planet. Even if he didn't remember me from sixteen seconds earlier.



Brenna said...

True story: for a while in my 20s, anytime I'd go to NYC (I lived 40 minutes away) I'd bump into someone I knew on the subway. It started getting kind of weird.


Adorable picture. And I totally love that movie.