Monday, June 21, 2010

Mail Call!

Dotter is off at camp! She'll be gone for a week, which is way too long for an 8-yr old, if you ask me, but she wanted to go and has been looking forward to it since January when the sign up sheet was mailed to us. She says she will probably miss me but will have fun anyway. She's a somewhat of a realist.

Not wanting her to be completely "without" the family this week and, more importantly, not wanting to have to pay the extra fee for eMail service (where campers visit the computer center once a day to read/compose electronic messages in true camping form) I decided to pack some surprise notes, cards and letters in her bag with the outer envelope labeled so she'd know what days to open which envelopes. Basically I don't want her to experience what life might be like without us. You know kids, they get a taste of normalcy and pretty soon that's all they're talking about. "Maddie's mother didn't pack 300 letters in her bag!"

I wrote seven cards from the point of view of Cletus the Used to Be Fetus. They mostly centered on the topics of crawling, drooling or pooping. (What do you expect? There's really not much going on in that kid's life. He really needs to get a hobby.)

Big V added three cards. Which surprised me. Since he started complaining about his hand hurting from all that writing after the first card.

I forced the Bean to write at least two notes to her younger sister under the threat of dropping her cell phone into the garbage disposal and flipping the switch. She wrote one card but explained it should count as two since she shoved some old make-up into the envelope.

Then I wrote seven cards from my point of view. These are the best because they'll give her plenty to talk about in therapy with her friends. Here's just one of the cards I sent her....

I'm sure she'll be beyond thrilled to open all her mail! She probably won't even miss us a bit....

Editor's Note: I know my handwriting is messy, okay? That's because I had written, like, twelve cards by this point. Geez! Can't a mom catch a break?

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