Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Because I Could Never Find a Ruler or a Pencil with MY Name on it...

Growing up everyone had pencils and rulers with their names on them. And little license plates for their bikes. And stickers. And pads of paper. And bookmarks. Everyone. Everyone but me. Every Jenny had one. (Several, actually, those snobs.) And every Kim. And all the Carrie's, too.

But not me. I had to have one of those names that you didn't really hear that often. Bridget. Sure, adults loved it. But me? Where was my pin with my name on it? Once in a while I'd come across a Bridgette - but that was nothing but a cruel joke. It was soooo unnnffaaaiirrrr!

And so, like any good mother suffering from insecurities brought on by a childhood of disappointments, I vowed to put my own children through that same hell. No normal names for me, no sireebob! Or Jenny.

But then one day I thought you know, I kinda like my kids. And I kind of like their names. And I feel bad that they will never understand what it feels like to have their name stamped into a 12" piece of neon pink plastic. So, I got me this:

This, my friends, is my most favorite, my most special piece of jewelry in all the world.

This is a charm bracelet handcrafted especially for me by the unbelievably talented Miss Lisa of Equinox Design Studio. It has each of my children's names and their birthdates stamped into the charms. And it was made with love. Because that's how Miss Lisa works. I love her!

Miss Lisa is already ramping up for her next season... she sits and makes all these beautiful pieces of artwork that you can wear. She's done a couple one-of-a-kind pieces (this being one of them) and I've been nothing but over the top impressed with the quality and handiwork. So make sure you get in line.

Now, if you know me, I wouldn't exactly be described as a jewelry wearing gal, but I wear this bracelet almost every single day. I'm especially fond of the light twinkling music the bracelet makes when the charms touch. Makes me smile every time.

I'm thinking of having more children for the sole purpose of adding on to the bracelet. That's how cool this is.


Rebecca said...

Miss Lisa did my wedding jewelry as well. She's a talented gal! Nice bracelet, btw...

Brenna said...

My nana was good enough to buy me things with either my middle name or "Brenda" on them.