Friday, June 11, 2010

Crocodiles & Pearls

Last night I attended a jewelry show hosted by a good friend of mine. I wouldn't be described as a jewelry wearing girl but I certainly do like looking at the stuff and I almost always find something completely adorable to purchase. Getting dolled up for special occasions is a hobby of mine so I need things to choose from. Besides, what woman doesn't want to flee her children to hide amongst glitz and wine and small talk?

Small talk is also a hobby of mine because you just never know what kind of adventure it takes you on. For instance, who knew that one second we'd be talking about pearls and the next be introducing a crocodile purse into the mix? A crocodile purse? In your closet? For reals? Hell to the yeah that needs to be shown off! Go get it, girlfriend! Bring it down because I have GOT to check this thing out!

Do not be mistaken: It has a head. A purse with a head. I had never seen a purse with a head before, but I bet the real worldly types have -- like The Bloggess. She probably has tons of them in her closet. (Come to think of it, she probably made them herself, from people who work at the Electric Company.)

And beady eyes. A purse with a head and beady eyes!

Did you notice the little foot? The attention to detail is exquisite.
Don't think they forgot about the back of the purse...

Can you imagine?
I am so asking to borrow this the next time I have to attend a really boring function.
Or have to go out to dinner with someone I don't really like but am forced to be nice to.
Just plop this little puppy up on the table while I apply some lip gloss.

To answer your burning question:
I purchased this fun little number called Impulse.

It does not have a head.
It does have beads.
Although the bracelet is an absolute stunner,
I bet it won't get nearly the amount of commentary the crocodile purse would get!

PS: I am so adding "Carry a Crocodile Purse to a Function" on my list of Things To Do Before I Die.

PPS: No new crocodiles have been hurt or injured in the making of this blog post. This was from a long, long time ago. It was my friend's grandmothers or something like that. And the reason I knew I always liked her is because she hung on to this piece of fashion history. For reals.

Editor's Note: It has come to my attention that this might, or might not be, a crocodile. It might be an alligator. Or not. I don't pretend to know my reptiles.


Rebecca said...

You know, I'm really not a "purse person." I only carry one when I don't have any pockets to use. This purse does not bring me any closer to being a "purse person" in fact, I think it deters me even more from becoming one. *shiver*

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I would so use that purse.