Friday, June 25, 2010

For Mom, With Love: Get me outta here!

I got a letter from Dotter in the mail yesterday. She's been at camp this past week and comes home tomorrow. The letter consisted of three small pieces of paper - about the size of a square of toilet paper. Here's what was written on the squares (mistakes and all):

Hi mom my first day was fun.
I don't want to take the swim test sorry but I don't care
cause I can still have fun in the shallow end.
Bye Bye.
God blessing on you.

Hi mom again! It's Monday.
I just got back from chaple.
Mr. Chris is fun and nuts.
Tonight I'm going to give him candy.

Added to the bottom in different ink was this little end note:
This is the candy that he did not take. It was Skitles.

Hi mom. It's Tuesday.
I like the pichture that Brody gave me.
I kissed Brody.
I really want to come home and stay.
Four real.
God blessing on you.
I love you!
I miss you!
I wish I was home.

Now I feel guilty because she gave me God's Blessing and I sent her a letter about a chicken-cat.

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Rebecca said...

At least she'll be home soon. :)