Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today I was requested to attend a private meeting. An attorney requested our department's time and advice in a private meeting. So, my co-worker and I attended this private meeting.

Did I mention it was a PRIVATE meeting?

Private meetings are held at the request of a potential buyer who wishes to research options before purchasing a property. Sometimes they have wild ideas and you kind of have to reign them in and explain zoning restrictions. I'm sorry, sir, but a twenty story water park with an adjacent nuclear power plant next to the daycare center you're proposing just isn't going to work. More often than not, they're usually a normal person who just doesn't want to deal with the rumor mill quite yet. Sometimes they just don't want people to know their business.

And so, the private meeting was scheduled.

Now, I ask, would you take it upon yourself to join in a private meeting that you weren't invited to? Would you invite two additional friends along?

Talk about awkward.

And so my co-worker and I sat. Surprised to see the additional invitees walking in, taking a seat. I'm sorry, sir, but we did not breach your confidence. See, it was on the company's network calendar and some people just really, really wanted to experience first hand all the fun and exciting things that happen in private meetings. You know, the balloon animals, hand puppets, and finger sandwiches aren't available at open meetings. Hope you don't mind. I promise - they won't say a word about who you are and what you're plans are.

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