Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

* Dotter participated in her very first public speaking (forensics) competition. She did not want to go. She did not want to talk. She did not want to be judged. She did not want anything to do with it whatsoever. But she went. Fear wrapped tight around her. She snuck her hand into mine and wouldn't let go as we walked through thousands of people crowding the hallways of a building she'd never seen before. If you don't know Dotter, you wouldn't know that she doesn't do well with the unknown. When it was her time she walked stoically to the front of the room. Performed her piece with all those eyes watching her. And she did beautifully! So beautifully, in fact, that she earned a trophy!! She was bummed; she wanted the blue ribbon because it was the prettiest. Go figure.

* Big V played house dad all weekend. He watched the kids, did the laundry, made dinners and washed dishes. He picked up some groceries, organized a play date for Dotter, and made sure everyone took baths and showers. And he is exhausted. And really, really glad to be going to work this Monday morning.

* We had three performances of Hat Tricks this weekend, and let me tell you - it was a pretty darn good show! Saturday night I was in the middle of a scene, sitting on a couch, when movement caught my eye... a big, fat, juicy spider crawling precariously close to my arm. It was huge! The size of a jelly bean. You might think jelly beans are small, but you'd be wrong. When you slap eight legs, some hair and two creepy red eyes on the thing it's HUGE! It took every ounce of energy not to scream and run away. Luckily I had a book in my hand for the scene so I smacked it until I heard the crunch. Really, it was my only option. I had no idea if it was rabid or not.

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