Friday, April 16, 2010

Truth Be Told

Big V didn't have to work yesterday. Instead of the usual humdrum he hung out with Cletus the Used to be Fetus. They were so busy visiting friends they weren't able to do any housework. No dishes. No laundry. No sweeping. That was all lovingly left for me upon my return of my busy day.

Big V didn't have to work today, either. Instead of a repeat of yesterday he decided to spice things up a bit. Super Nanny hung out with Cletus while V went visiting his friends. But I know Super Nanny will do the dishes, probably some laundry, and most definitely will sweep. There's also a strong probability that dinner will be waiting. This is why I love her more than Big V. Don't feel bad; he's completely aware of my feelings.

Of course, V is also incredibly competitive and doesn't like coming in second, so he tried to woo me this afternoon by asking me out on a lunch date. I like lunches, so I said, "yes." Reminiscent of my high school days he showed up giggly and sweet, offered to drive, and then left me to foot the bill.

"You asked me to lunch but you're making me pay? Wait until I update my blog!"

I was told if I do blog about this I have to promise to explain that it's not like he didn't have any money, it's just that he only had a one hundred dollar bill, and he didn't think the little Mexican restaurant we dined at would have change for a hundie. I told him to leave a big tip but he didn't think that would be possible, since we weren't provided a never-ending mountain of tortilla chips. (He believes that's why the salsas are so hot now; so people don't eat as many chips and that way the restaurant saves money. He's clever like that.)

Anyway. Big V didn't want the web world to think he can't control his vicious dog AND that he was cheap. I promised I would clarify, so here it is: While it is true Big V cannot control his vicious dog, he certainly is not cheap!

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