Monday, April 5, 2010

The Salsa with the Spice & the Spunk!

I get giddy when I see an envelope in my mailbox with a hand written return address. It usually means a thank you, an invite, or anything other than a requirement to send in some money in exchange for heat or electricity. Imagine, if you will, the overflowing excitement I experienced when I came home to find a HUGE BOX on my doorstep. A BOX, people. A really big box!

Now I know I've told you about the pending arrival of a jar of salsa... I thought I was getting one jar of feisty fun. One. I thought I hit paydirt with a singular jar of Feisty Mama Salsa ... But, oh no - this box was way too big for a single little jar....

This was a party in a box! Invites, plates, napkins, a cute, adorable tunic to wear at the fiesta, and thank you's. The only thing missing was the mustache & sombrero!  (And here I thought I was waiting for a jar!)


That's not all! There was more!

Much... much... more!


Twelve jars from the Mama herself. Blended smooth with a kick... just like a Feisty Mama  should be! Oh.!

Of course the first thing I did was go hide with my loot and a bag of chips, dipping and snacking solo before my crunching gave me away. Then I was forced to share.  Not just the salsa... but also the shirt! Snatched up by the grubby hands of a teen with impeccable taste.

She has given a thumbs up to the shirt ("Oh, yeah, I'm SOOOOO HOT! You know it!") and to the salsa ("This is really good. I mean, it's like really good. You know?") Um, yeah, like I know, right? It's like, totally good.
(Ok. First rule: Feisty gals don't speak Valley. Sorry.)

And so here I sit with my salsa stash and note cards trying to figure out who of my many friends are deserving enough to share this goodness with. I've developed a point system and am judging on (1) How nice you were to me in high school when I sported purple plastic framed glasses, (2) How long you can dance without taking a break, and (3) How well you can say, "Looks like this little lady is stayin' for the party after all" when wearing a sombrero.

In the meantime I'm planning on whipping up a batch of Spicy Chicken Vixens to nibble on while pondering who I'll deem privileged enough to bring a little spicy fun home. Because we all know there's a lot more fun to be had when there's a little Feisty Mama in the house!

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