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We went and saw Shakespeare and no one got rabies.

On our drive to the theater to watch a performance of Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors, Big V asked, "So, is this a rotation of different comics? Or skits? Or just one guy doing stand-up?" And I knew I had to tweet that right away. Because this guy had no clue what we were about to go see. And that made me laugh. Hard.

Do you know who Shakespeare is?

Yeah, the guy that did Romeo and Juliet.

Right. And, do you remember how he talks?

You mean all those thee's and thou's and come hither's?



Wait. Is this play going to be like that? Thee and thou and come hither?



I hope I don't fall asleep. I only got 4 hours of sleep last night.

Look, if you stay awake for the entire first act I'll buy you a drink at intermission.

Once we found our seats I suggested Big V read the synopsis of what the hell is about to happen on stage. Except there was no such thing in the program. There was a cast of characters. And a note fro…

And THAT is why I love him.

Last night, Big V played basketball while wearing two completely different shoes. And when I say different, I mean one was an athletic high top and the other was a black reffing shoe similar to those tacky styled orthopedic shoes. Seriously, we can send men to the moon but no one on the face of the planet can successfully bring together style and function for diabetics? 
If you've ever wondered why I love Big V I'll tell you exactly why:because he actually called me to tell me he was wearing two different shoes.

Any normal guy would have faked a sprained ankle and hobbled out of the gym, but not Big V. No, sir-ee. When he unzipped that duffle bag and stared into the humiliation that greeted him he threw his head back laughing and started lacing up. And then, instead of swearing all the other players to secrecy in a vain attempt to pretend this never happened, he picked up his cell and dialed my number.
You are so going to wish you had come to watch this game!
Uh, probably not. I…

Stay Tuned for the Real Comedy of Errors....

Tomorrow, Big V and I are going to the thee-ah-tah. He's awesome at supporting my interests (theater being a pretty big one) and doesn't mind going .... but he may be in over his head this time.

When the season dates came out and I was busy circling every event I wanted to attend, Big V was busy making himself a sandwich. He uh-huh'd and mm-hmm'd and oh yeah'd and then I asked what he would like to go to.

And he scanned the page and saw the words Comedy of Errors. Except I think he skipped over the 'of errors' part and just saw comedy.

You know that's Shakespeare, right?

"What's Shakespeare?"

Oh, boy, is he in for a treat.

Feel free to come with! We can giggle at Big V together over cocktails during intermission....

Obligatory Valentine's Day Post Complete with Hairy Lips and Crazy Socks

Thanks to my new obsession, Pinterest, I scored an idea and was able to create these lovely Valentine's  for Dotter's class. The minute I showed her the Pinterest version she was like yes! I must do this!! We taped various styles of mustaches on the back so every kid in class will be lucky to sport a furry lip if they so choose. I think they turned out awesome. (Unfortunately she suffers from the same disorder I happen to have, which makes taking an I am Awake and Seemingly Normal photo nearly impossible.)
In other news, yesterday was Crazy Sock day at Dotter's school:

This is what I love. Right here. Zany, crazy, unique, express yourself the way you want to kind of kids. Somewhere between this and adulthood so many people lose that. Sure, there are adults who claim they never lost it, but the truth is, they're just slapping away getting older by acting like idiotic morons. Remember, there is a huge difference between keeping your childlike spirit alive and acting like …