Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obligatory Valentine's Day Post Complete with Hairy Lips and Crazy Socks

Thanks to my new obsession, Pinterest, I scored an idea and was able to create these lovely Valentine's  for Dotter's class. The minute I showed her the Pinterest version she was like yes! I must do this!! We taped various styles of mustaches on the back so every kid in class will be lucky to sport a furry lip if they so choose. I think they turned out awesome. (Unfortunately she suffers from the same disorder I happen to have, which makes taking an I am Awake and Seemingly Normal photo nearly impossible.)

In other news, yesterday was Crazy Sock day at Dotter's school:

This is what I love. Right here. Zany, crazy, unique, express yourself the way you want to kind of kids. Somewhere between this and adulthood so many people lose that. Sure, there are adults who claim they never lost it, but the truth is, they're just slapping away getting older by acting like idiotic morons. Remember, there is a huge difference between keeping your childlike spirit alive and acting like an ass others would find no greater pleasure than driving a pitchfork through your skull to get you to shut up. Immature idiocy is not cool. Don't be an immature idiot.

This kid here? This kid is cool. And I hope she's always keeps her zany, crazy, unique way of expressing herself.


Brenna said...

I think today was when everyone who's been on Pinterest but wasn't sure how to use it figured out what to do with it. We did the photo that holds the lollipop card, it was a hit!

Becca said...

Love it! I love cool, free-thinking kids! She looks like a sweetheart.