Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What are YOUR plans tonight?

Big V is working late.
I work until 5:00 pm. Then...
Pick up Cletus the Used to be Fetus.
The Teen Bean has driver's observation scheduled from 5-7.
Dotter has swim from 6-7.
I have a meeting at 6.
I also have Bible Study from 6:30-8:30.
The one that's teaching me not to complain.
Skip Bible Study.
Ask Grammy (aka: my poor mother) to pick up the Bean from our house and deliver her to driver's ed.
Remember that she already has Dotter from picking that kid up after school at 3pm.
After picking up Cletus, drive to Gram's & drop Cletus off with her and pick Dotter up.
Drop Dotter off at pool by 5:45pm.
Remember to tell her to wait for her sister after practice.
Remember to tell her sister to go to the pool after driver's ed.
Get to my meeting by 6.
Ask Grammy (aka: my poor mother) to pick up girls from pool at 7pm.
After which she can drop all three - Cletus, Dotter & the Bean, off at home.
Pray to God Big V is home by then.
After my meeting, and confirming Big V successfully made it home to handle the children, high tail it over to my friend G's house for a much needed, much overdue coffee session with my girlfriends.
Take in deep breath and slowly let it out realizing I actually survived yet another Evening Appointment Symphony.


Tina, said...

WOW! My night pales in comparision. The Boy has church from 6 to 9 (he can drive his own behind there), Husband is driving back home from Austin Texas. I will be doing the data entry for the church from 6 to 7 and then I plan on mixing up an Apple Martini and relaxing in front of the television with the remote all to myself. I felt bad thinking about doing church attendance data entry while sipping a martini, apple or otherwise. Have a splendid evening. Cheers!

wv: bonsh

Phoenix Rising said...

@Tina: wasn't it an apple that Eve bit from? I'd say that martini is quite biblical in reference, therefore absolutely appropriate! And, Absolute Vodka can be used in martinis making this go full circle. Amen! Enjoy the remote!!

Ellen said...

I am exhausted reading your juggling! How to keep track and not mix them up...thank goodness for helping hands from your mom.

Rebecca said...

My evening: Get home at 5 pm
Discuss going on of the day with fam for 20 min
Make dinner for kid who has karate
Sip on whiskey & coke poured for me by loving husband
Feed kid
Start dinner for us
Make sure kid is dressed for karate
Say "bye" to kid going to karate, continue cooking and sipping whiskey & coke
Play with dog
Take dog out in the rain after she for some reason relieved herself for the second time today in the living room - dog does nothing
Clean up after dog while stirring dinner and sipping on whiskey & coke
Relay latest dog news to hubby who comes home from dropping kid off at karate
Eat dinner
Say hello to kid who is now done with karate
Move formerly pee-soaked living room pillows from washer into dryer
Watch last night's Daily Show while taking large drinks of whiskey & coke
Put kid to bed
Read blogs
Finish whiskey & coke.

Becca said...


My evening was more free-form, like "Slap some scrambled eggs down for the kids, put them in bed as quickly as possible, make myself a fried egg, watch TV".