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Showing posts from March 28, 2010
Car squeals into parking lot; slams on brakes. Man in white shorts and pastel green polo shirt jumps out of car, runs into building: "Where's your bathroom?!" he shouts. "All the way down the hall, through the....." Man takes off running, yelling, "Gotta go or you'll have a mess on your hands!"

Way too much information, sir. Way too much.

Smell? What smell?

Most days Ms. Rosie comes to our house to watch Cletus. I do nothing but say good morning and go on my way. We have Ms. Rosie - except on Thursdays. Thursdays are a free for all. Thursday mornings are hectic; due only to the fact that I am held personally responsible for packing the baby up and delivering him safely (and somewhat on time) to whoever happens to be watching him. Today Grandma got the goods.

I'm too unorganized and unmotivated to pack up diaper bags the night before and I'm too lazy to get up early to do it, so I'm left with chaotic franticness, attempting to get both Cletus and I ready and out the door at a time that will more than likely make me late for work anyway. This morning was no different. I cursed having to take a quicker shower, cursed not being able to find a pair of socks, and cursed having to open up a pack of diapers because there weren't enough on the changing table. I shoved a change of clothes and bottles and formula and bibs into the d…
Cletus the Used to be Fetus is six months old. And he can sit up. On his own. And reach for toys. Using both arms. And he can roll over from his back to his belly. And then push his torso up using his arms. And hold himself there!

Looking at him you would only see this precious bundle of smiling joy. You'd have no idea that there was a time when his arm looked "off." Where his head looked "not right." When there wasn't much movement. When there wasn't any strength, just a whole lot of limpness.

Miss Heather has been our saving grace. She demands consistent workouts, everyday stretches and pushing Cletus beyond what he would rather do. Thank you, Miss Heather, and to all those wonderful, patient people who dedicate their lives to helping others. We appreciate all that you do!