Monday, March 22, 2010

Shape Up or Ship Out (which might be easier on a boat and all)

Uh, yeah. So I may have crossed over to the dark side. I just spent $105 on a pair of shoes. Not just any shoes, mind you. These are the Skechers Shape Ups. Designed to tone and strengthen and improve my posture. Mind you, they won't do much of anything if I don't strap them on an walk a hundred miles, but it's a proverbial step in the right direction.

I hate spending money to try to lose weight. I think it's foolish. Eat healthy, walk, run - that doesn't have to cost much at all. I thought that until it was ME that had to try to lose the weight. This baby weight does not want to leave me. It loves me as much as the baby himself. I, however, do not love it. The weight, people, not the baby. I love my baby. Save your hate mail for a different post.

Once I made the decision that I would get the shoes for added help while walking I felt good. That was until the negative stigma met up with me at the store. If you've never seen these shoes they're, well, obvious. The soles are big and clunky. The styles forced. They scream THIS PERSON IS HAVING TROUBLE GETTING IN SHAPE SO THEY BOUGHT MEEEE!!!! It didn't help that the perky size zero cashier with the really loud voice announced, "ohhhh! You got the Shape-ups! I've never tried them [obviously]  but other people say they work." Thanks, Size Nothing Girl. You're such an inspiration.

I took the shoes home, laced them up, and decided that tomorrow I'm going to actually walk in them.

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