Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Need To Do That NOW?!

I've seen people do all sorts of things while driving. Dangerous things that would feasibly cause them to become distracted:

Eating, drinking, talking on the phone, texting, applying mascara, attempting to get the very last microscopic crumbs into their mouth from the bottom of a bag of chips, reading a book, reading a newspaper, writing out a check...

But never, until now, have I ever turned my head to the right, glanced over at the driver in the lane next to me, and witnessed the tap-tap-tapping of a syringe, followed by the plunging of a needle into the arm holding the steering wheel.

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Denise Thornton said...

It may have been someone with diabetes giving themselves insulin. I feel really lucky not to have to be worrying about tiny changes in my blood sugar level all day.
Last week, my husband walked into a building at work to find a man lying almost comatose on the floor. Lukily my husband is a researcher who used to work on blood sugar meters, and he recognized what was going on and was able to advise the receptionist who was calling 911 and the medics who arrived, and it all turned out well.
I makes you think about what would have happened if that man had been driving, rather than walking when his numbers went bad on him.
But I'm with you.
I would like to see people pulling over to the shoulder before self administering injections.