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What was that population typo in Twin Peaks all about anyway?

I've been super busy making sure Big V installs the toilet (which he has), reading a ton of books (which I have) and fighting cancer through my just 99 cents blog. [HUGE shout out to everyone who has donated already! For some reason it's not letting me update names/amounts...but I will prevail! I promise!] Because I believe that if everyone donated just 99 cents we'd have a shit ton of money that could actually make a difference.

Really. Think about it. I have 654 friends on Facebook. If they all donated just 99 cents, we'd have $647.46 to donate to cancer research.

About 805,000 attended Milwaukee's Summerfest this year. If all of them had donated just 99 cents, we'd have $796,950 to donate to cancer research.

The population of the fictional town of Twin Peaks was 5,120... if they'd all donate just 99 cents, we'd have $5,068.80 to donate. Of course, if we went off the "typo" on the sign in the series that read Population 51,201, we'd hav…