Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What was that population typo in Twin Peaks all about anyway?

I've been super busy making sure Big V installs the toilet (which he has), reading a ton of books (which I have) and fighting cancer through my just 99 cents blog. [HUGE shout out to everyone who has donated already! For some reason it's not letting me update names/amounts...but I will prevail! I promise!] Because I believe that if everyone donated just 99 cents we'd have a shit ton of money that could actually make a difference.
Really. Think about it. I have 654 friends on Facebook. If they all donated just 99 cents, we'd have $647.46 to donate to cancer research.

About 805,000 attended Milwaukee's Summerfest this year. If all of them had donated just 99 cents, we'd have $796,950 to donate to cancer research.

The population of the fictional town of Twin Peaks was 5,120... if they'd all donate just 99 cents, we'd have $5,068.80 to donate. Of course, if we went off the "typo" on the sign in the series that read Population 51,201, we'd have $50,688.99.

The point is, if a lot of us work together we can each do a little bit of work that yields some big results. I kind of wish I would have figured this out as a child when it came time to clean my room, because my room was always a disaster and I had three siblings. Surely, I could have persuaded them that many hands make light work. But whatever. Now I have children of my own, so if something's messy I just get mad at them and tell them as a punishment they have to clean it up. (So far the teen and the 10-yr old have caught on to this. Only the toddler follows through and he doesn't scrub toilets so well.)

So, do me a favor. Read my recent post: What Difference Can We Possibly Make? and think about donating. Then do it.

Me? Well, I'm going to go slather on another layer of deodorant because I'm starting to smell like onions. And that is never good.

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Getrealmommy said...

I agree. The difficult thing is that there are so many good and worthy causes to donate to, it's hard to decide where to put your money....