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If You See A Spot On Your Nose

If you see a spot on your nose you'll probably call the dermatologist.

The nurse will hand you a gown and tell you to take off all your clothes but you'll be cold so you'll keep your socks on.

Then the dermatologist will come in, take one look at you and say, "Oh, I do not like that at all!" before she even officially starts the exam.

Then she'll repeat it three times while you're standing in front of her, naked, while she looks over your entire body with a magnifying glass.

Then you'll feel awkward as she slips your socks off so she can look between your toes.

Then you'll apologize for having your socks still on and get bright red when it suddenly dawns on you that no one has ever slipped your socks off before and then you'll keep talking because when you feel socially awkward of course it makes total sense to you to say If I'd known you were inspecting me this thoroughly I would've taken out my toe jam. And my belly button lint.