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Showing posts from February 21, 2010

Timing is Everything

It is not very wise to shut down every single bathroom in an office building when you have a worker with a weak bladder who consumes half a dozen cans of soda before lunch. The floors haven't been waxed in over five years and you pick today?

Would you like my AUTOGRAPH?!

I have been recognized.

Fame is catching up to me. Before long the paparazzi will be swarming my car as I attempt to navigate through the local Starbuck's drive-thru because I have been recognized for my writing!

I was working late last night, partially because I had work to finish up, but mostly because I was meeting friends a couple blocks away for a cast get-together and script brainstorming session, and really, it made no sense to drive around for an hour just to pass the time, especially since it was snowing, so basically I was just staying warm in my office and not really working, but you get what I mean.


The cleaning lady came in. I don't usually see the cleaning lady because, let's be honest, I want to get the heck out of there as soon as humanly possible (except on days when I'm meeting friends a couple blocks away and there's a sub-zero blizzard making its way through town).

She smiled at me in that "great; now I've got to empty this c…