Thursday, February 25, 2010

Would you like my AUTOGRAPH?!

I have been recognized.

Fame is catching up to me. Before long the paparazzi will be swarming my car as I attempt to navigate through the local Starbuck's drive-thru because I have been recognized for my writing!

I was working late last night, partially because I had work to finish up, but mostly because I was meeting friends a couple blocks away for a cast get-together and script brainstorming session, and really, it made no sense to drive around for an hour just to pass the time, especially since it was snowing, so basically I was just staying warm in my office and not really working, but you get what I mean.


The cleaning lady came in. I don't usually see the cleaning lady because, let's be honest, I want to get the heck out of there as soon as humanly possible (except on days when I'm meeting friends a couple blocks away and there's a sub-zero blizzard making its way through town).

She smiled at me in that "great; now I've got to empty this can of garbage in front of someone who thinks they're better than me" kind of way which, honestly was the furthest thing from my mind. I was actually sitting there thinking, "gosh, it must be nice to come to work and not have a single soul around you that you have to suck up to. I'd be swiffering with my iPod on max, happy as can be. *sigh*" I didn't think it was fair to be hanging out at the desk when she had work to do (especially staring at her in that dreamy I'm-so-jealous-of-you kind of way) so I started packing things up. She kept giving me these sideways glances which made me think I wasn't moving fast enough so I tossed the last of my crap in my bag, smiled sweetly and said good night.

That's when she spoke: "uh, do you, um, know Elizabeth Martin?"

"Yeah, actually, I do."

"Oh my god!" she gushed. "I totally love all your comments you leave on her Facebook page! You are so funny! That one you left about the plants on steroids for a science project was hilarious!"

Yep. I know. I'll be signing autographs soon.

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Your facebook comments ARE stinking hilarious.