Monday, February 15, 2010

Keeping it simple.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box to get your point across. Other times you just pull stuff out of your rear and it works out like you've been doing some creative planning. Last night, I pulled. No, I yanked.

Three and a half weeks is far too long for clean clothes to be crumpled up on a bedroom floor and trampled on. Teenager or not, it was time to get serious. The Bean has two dressers and the largest closet in the house, yet she utilizes none of these to house her clothes. Apparently the floor should suffice. This drives me crazy because the second you walk into the house you see straight through the kitchen into her bedroom. It's well known that my mental stability rests solely on whether or not the room is a disaster.

I've given her several options:

1. Keep said room clean and organized.

2. Shove all clothing items under the bed and in the closet to give an overall appearance of "clean and organized."

3. Keep door closed at all times. Only enter/exit when I am not in a position to view interior disorganization.

4. Switch bedrooms with Dotter and have her suffer the ongoing stress of attempting to keep the room clean and organized.

5. Move to a basement bedroom.

Plain and simple: Whoever is in that room shall keep it appearing clean and organized.

And so it was with great annoyance that yet another sun was to set on six loads of clothes blanketing the bedroom floor. So, I did what any great mother would do: I filled garbage bags full of clothing from the bedroom floor and hauled them downstairs. I positioned myself near the seven loads of dirty laundry the Bean has had down there since August. I emptied the three (yes, three) garbage bags of clothes and dumped them on top of the waiting loads of laundry. And then I tossed everything together like a salad. I mixed everything together. Yes, I did.

The rule is easy: Do a load of laundry. Put the clean load of laundry away. When it has been proven that the clothes are properly stored and there is sufficient room for more, another load may be washed. Continue until maximum storage has been met.

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