Monday, October 12, 2009

Ok, so I've got issues with kids not giving me my much needed (and much deserved, I might add) Daily Quiet Time. The Bean has attitude that you wouldn't believe... she makes sure to tell me on a daily basis how rediculous I am, how unappreciated I am, and how the world, well, her world, would be much better off without me... and yet night after night I find myself held hostage by her noise and clatter. In and out of the kitchen, stomping down the hall, slamming doors, random talking to whoever or whatever she sees/hears as she wanders aimlessly (yet etirely pissed off) around the house.

Whatever happened to the moody teenager keeping themselves holed up in the privacy of their own room? Is it too much to ask that by 9:30pm the Bean creep into her room, close the door, and not open it until morning? I don't care what she does in her room.... do her nails, pick out her clothes for the next day, write journal entries how she wishes I was dead. Doesn't matter... as long as I get some peace and quiet. Some much needed down time from her attitude.

For the past two years I've tried to explain this to her. Her aunt has tried to explain this to her. The Big V has tried to explain this to her. Hell, I've asked random strangers on the street to try to explain this to her.

All I ask is for a quitting time. A time when I can look forward to not hearing whatever complaint is coming out of her mouth. Just a little reprieve....

Man, I hope she does to college out of state....

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