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What's Your Cause?

"We live in a generation where girls are taught to be the complete opposite of a God girl, so hearing how precious her heart was stood out to me, and I knew I needed to share her story, if but briefly." Those were the words sent to me by NRT contributor, Sarah Fine. Sarah had just reviewed Jamie Grace's new album, Ready to Fly. And she made me cry.

In her review, Sarah wrote about Avery. Why? Because the incredible Jamie Grace has included a very special song on her album:

And while it is super cool to have Avery remembered by an incredibly talented Christian artist, what the true blessing is, is that people are starting to GET IT.

It's all about God. Avery loved God more than anyone I ever knew. If you had known her, had truly known her, you would have been able to watch her walk down the hall holding hands with Jesus. You would have seen her pull out a chair and sit next to him at lunch. You would have heard her talking to him, telling him about her day, laughing at …