Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What's Your Cause?

"We live in a generation where girls are taught to be the complete opposite of a God girl, so hearing how precious her heart was stood out to me, and I knew I needed to share her story, if but briefly."
Those were the words sent to me by NRT contributor, Sarah Fine. Sarah had just reviewed Jamie Grace's new album, Ready to Fly. And she made me cry.

In her review, Sarah wrote about Avery. Why? Because the incredible Jamie Grace has included a very special song on her album:

And while it is super cool to have Avery remembered by an incredibly talented Christian artist, what the true blessing is, is that people are starting to GET IT.

It's all about God.
Avery loved God more than anyone I ever knew. If you had known her, had truly known her, you would have been able to watch her walk down the hall holding hands with Jesus. You would have seen her pull out a chair and sit next to him at lunch. You would have heard her talking to him, telling him about her day, laughing at all the goodness, crying into his shoulder when she was sad. I cannot explain how real and how present Christ was for Avery. He wasn't just a sometimes reference; He was her ever present, all day, every day, seeped in every single second love.


As much as my shattered Mama Heart craves to see Avery's name in print and hear her being remembered - I need everyone to understand that the real story about Avery is that she was put on this earth and died way too soon all for God's Glory.

And while Avery lived on this earth with us, she wanted each and every single person she met to understand  that they, too, could have a real and ever present relationship with Christ. That they needed that real and present relationship with Christ.
Sarah Fine wrote this in her review about Ready to Fly, the song Jamie Grace dedicates to Avery, in her review

"The original version, written about Jamie coming of age, was played at Avery's funeral, and takes on a whole new meaning as the lyrics now represent the frailty of our lives on earth and how we need to seize the one chance we're given at life to soar for a greater cause."

Read that again: 

we need to seize
the one chance we're given at life
to soar for a greater cause.
Because for Avery it wasn't about acting the part. It wasn't about going to church a certain number of times and having the important verses memorized. It was so much more.

Avery understood something I didn't. Or couldn't. Or wasn't ready to understand.

She knew what her Greater Cause was.


She knew that who we are in heaven is who we ought to strive to be on earth. 

If, when in heaven, you are thanking God for everything and everybody that touches your life, then you should thank God on earth for everything and everybody that touches it today.
If in heaven you are driven by kindness and compassion, then on earth you strive to be driven by those same qualities.

If in heaven you are patient and giving, then be patient and giving here on earth.
If in heaven you are overflowing with praise and forgiveness, filled with the ability to see good in everyone, then do that here. Do that now.

Because you are here on earth for an indeterminate amount of time and it's up to you to make that time mean something big. It's up to you to live your greater cause today.
Avery understood you don't wait. 

You don't wait to love God. 
You don't wait to praise God. 
You don't wait to thank God. 
You don't wait to glorify God. 
You don't wait to have a relationship with God. 

 Avery understood it is in the here and now that our relationship with Christ should begin. She wasn't afraid to walk the walk and talk the talk. She wasn't afraid to live her love for Christ out loud, big and proud. And that is the legacy Avery leaves behind. 
"I'm praying like crazy that God would use it [Avery's story] to draw attention to how bold her life was, and encourages girls her age, and both younger/older, to live life loud and with purpose."  - Sarah Fine

Check out Jamie Grace's new song, Do Life Big,
available TODAY on her new album,

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Julie said...

So today I was perusing the blogs linked on the aside of the amazing Dr. Manning (Grady doc) and came upon your blog. I have read Avery's story from the accident through this entry. I have wept for you while my 9 yo God Girl wondered what was wrong, so I introduced her to Avery and Jadrian. Your story touches very close to home because I have my 9 yo, a 17 yo, and a 22 yo. This could happen to anyone. I pray Jadrian is doing well. I have looked at my boys and wondered how they would survive something like this. Praying for your family.