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My First Trip to Haiti

I couldn't sleep last night. Just couldn't. In less than 24 hours I would be in the country Avery held so dear to her heart. Haiti. Avery's country.

I would be travelling with multiple people who knew Avery, who loved Avery, who went to school with Avery, whose kids went to school with Avery, who never knew about Avery but heard about her after her death.

I was 100% certain this trip was called by God, planned by God, sanctioned by God; there was something BIG on the horizon and I was going to do everything I could to run towards it and grab it with willing hands!
Sleep? Forget about it.

Instead, Matt slept while I busied myself with scheduling social media posts. Even in my absence from technology, I would make sure that people were reminded of our mission trip, that they would not forget the amazing work being done by Children's World Impact, that people would be reminded of the need to continue to help the people of Haiti.

I was beyond ready.

And, so, I shook Ma…