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Choosing Sides

I was pretty young when I first heard the saying, "Love is a choice." I thought it was stupid. I thought there is no way to simply decide to love someone; that you either did or didn't. It wasn't as simple as choosing to make meatloaf for dinner. If you choose to love this person then you will. Also, you will be eating meatloaf.

I had a lot to learn.

You see, the saying isn't "To Love Someone is a choice" - it's "LOVE is a choice."

It's right there.
All you have to do is choose it.

And to understand that you have to understand what all your other choices are: love, yes. But also hate. Or cruelty. Or indifference. Or  avoidance.

See, at any moment, in any given situation, you have sitting before you a table dressed in emotions. It's yours for the taking - what are you going to pick?

Standing in a line that's way too long, in the hot sun, tired and sore, just wanting a drink of water, and you see three women nudge their…