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A TROAST TO AVERY: The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever

Sorry, kids, I don't do birthday parties.

Once upon a time, I had imagined I would. I pictured coordinated decorations and pleasant conversation and smiles and laughter and everyone getting along... and then I hosted a birthday party for Jadrian when she turned 5. Or 6. I don't know - I blocked it out.

That was it. First birthday party hosted. Last birthday party hosted. End of story.

Avery never had a birthday party.

Avery always wanted a birthday party.

And so here I sit, wondering why I never gave her a birthday party. Avery deserved a birthday party. Avery deserved the biggest, bestest, most awesomest birthday party ever! Avery deserved epic.

Instead, Avery had to settle with a mom who just didn't want to deal with the complex characters of small children. And so, I protected my sanity and decided I would not do birthday parties. End of story.

Oh, but how she asked.

Instead, I tried really hard to make up for the lack of party. Each birthday she received a handmade birthday t-shirt and a set of Sharpies (so friends could aforementioned birthday t-shirt), and a basket of tiny wrapped packages. Each package held a piece of paper on which a clue was printed... and we would spend the day together, just Mom and Daughter, going on adventures, a scavenger hunt of nothing but fun -- to breakfast, the movies, horseback riding, shopping, pedicures and manicures -- the possibilities were endless, and always meaningful. But it still wasn't the birthday party with all her friends that she had asked for.

So, really, I only have one choice this October 5th: the first birthday that will come and go without the Guest of Honor. I need to have a birthday party for Avery.

The bestest, most awesomest birthday party ever! And with your help, it can totally be epic.

Consider this your invitation, all you who loved and adored Avery in life; all you who never met Avery but have been forever changed by the story of her faith and love and goodness; all you who can't quite put into words why you were touched by the death of a little girl gone too soon --- I cordially invite you all to A TROAST TO AVERY!


Where singer/songwriter Jon Troast will be headlining!

Get this: JON TROAST WENT TO AVERY'S SCHOOL!! Yeah. I didn't know that either. God works in amazing ways, people! Amazing. 


Where local singer Riely Rae Mikrut will be opening!

Get this: AVERY DID THEATRE WITH RIELY!! Here, I have photographic proof:

Avery surrounded by INCREDIBLE TALENT!
JaNelle Powers, Jay Hawk, Riely Rae Mikrut, and Janet Palmer


Where we'll be gathering at the DELAVAN CHRISTIAN SCHOOL!

Get this: this is Avery's school. The halls she walked. The rooms she laughed and learned in. The walls that held me up in her death. Oh, how I love this school!

Where you can sit back and enjoy some incredible music and help support AVERYday Ministries with some great coffee from Geneva Lake Coffee and lots of baked goods and some really awesome merchandise that I have to remember to shop first for, because I've seen this stuff and it is going to go fast!

Where my Mama Heart will be showered with the light of all of you who come together to enjoy an otherwise really sad day for me. And I won't feel so deep in the dark.

So, please come.

Please come to Avery's Birthday Party. I invite you all.
*****          *****          *****

Tickets can be purchased by mail for $12 each, but must be received no later than September 28, 2013. After which, tickets can be purchased for $15 each at the door the night of the event.

If ordering tickets by mail, please include your NAME, total NUMBER OF TICKETS, provide a PHONE NUMBER and an EMAIL. Confirmation cannot be given without this information.

Please make checks payable to: AVERYDAY MINISTRIES
                                               PO BOX 214
                                               DELAVAN, WI 53115


gradydoctor said…
OMG. I love this birthday party! Bridget, I can't be there but I will be mailing in my check for two tickets. Can you please give them to someone special who loved Avery? And please, make sure they scream very, very, very loudly. Otherwise they can't have my tickets.

xo, Kimberly
gradydoctor said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
oh my gosh if we lived anywhere even *remotely* close to you guys we would totally be there! i haven't a doubt that this will be the best birthday party in the history of birthday parties ever. you are going to give avery what she always wanted and she will know it and feel it and be right beside all of you!

p.s. my birthday's the very next day.

p.p.s. fall birthdays fo'eva.

p.p.p.s. october birthdays rule. as do libras :)
@GRADYDOCTOR: You are awesome! I'll make sure whoever gets the tickets can smile as big and laugh as big and scream as loud as your sweet, sweet Deanna. Seems only fitting. :)

@LUNCHAT1130: You know, I totally believe you'd be here if you could!
PS: October birthdays ARE awesome!
PPS: So are YOU!
PPPS: I kinda think August birthdays are okay, too, but that's because I'm a Leo. :)

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