Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Next Best Thing

Well, we managed to survive Halloween. Instead of running with the masses, we opted to create Halloween Treat Jars and deliver them to a select group of people. Dotter created her list, picked out the candy, and stuffed the jars. I helped tie on the Halloween ribbon she picked out. She dressed up as a vampire (the cape was totally the selling point for that kid) and off we went to deliver our goods. I guess instead of Trick or Treating she went Treat Delivering.

Now that Halloween is over it's time to focus on the next big holiday. And by that I mean Black Friday. The day reserved by insane people to willingly wake up at some ungodly early hour to fight crowds in the hopes of securing a super cool deal on a portable DVD player that's only good between the hours of 5am and 7am. Oh, and there's only two of those particular items in the store so you have to fight your fellow man in order to be the first to grab it. Hold on tightly, because your neighbor is at the end of the aisle with his foot out hoping to trip you. The minute you let go he grabs on.... twenty minutes and six people later, some woman is checking out with your portable DVD player. The one you woke up early to get.

No, thank you. Not for me. I stay home and sleep in on Black Friday. I was never into competitive sports. Well, I was on the golf team that one year of high school - but I don't think it counts if the coach asks you to not bother showing up anymore. And I ran long distance in track and cross country, but the difference is no one is hurling objects at you when you're running. It's not like soccer where you're fighting over some ball. It's not like volleyball where the other team is trying to line drive the ball into your face. They don't even try to be sneaky about it - it's called a spike. Would you like a spike to your frontal lobe? No thank you.

If I didn't enjoy the art of expending physical energy at the risk of serious injury in the hopes of landing another picture in my yearbook, I'm certainly not going to enjoy an early session of Utimate Hot Potato Fighting in the middle of Aisle 13 at Target. Besides, I don't think any product is worth a potential black eye.

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