Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hidden Talents

I think everyone has a talent. Yes, everyone. Sometimes they're not as obvious as the ability to belt out the National Anthem without making people cringe, or painting works of art with your toes... sometimes talents lie hidden underneath, ready to be unearthed, discovered, revealed to the world.

I happen to have an insane unconscious skill of matching my underwear to whatever color shirt I'm wearing. Now, you may not consider it a talent - I mean, really, how hard is it to match, you might ask. So let me give you some background.

(1) I rarely, if ever, 'decide' my outfit prior to stepping into it.
(2) I usually get dressed in a darkened room (not because I'm uncomfortable with my body, but because I'm usually sleep-dressing and don't want the light to bother my eyes).
(3) I'm usually running at least 15 minutes behind schedule, so there's no time to dawdle picking out the perfect panties to match the shirt I choose.

And yet...

I rush the kids in the car, speed to drop them off at school, scream into the parking lot to make it look like I've been busy working for the past hour before my boss waltzes in. Somewhere around 10:00 I need a break so to the bathroom I go.

The bathroom in our office is unique in that a large mirror is mounted allowing the, well, "Go-er" a clear view of, well, everything. (I have checked to ensure this is not a one-way mirror. Too much CSI, you might say, but one can never be too careful.)

In the past two weeks I've surprised and amazed myself many times with my coordination skill. Orange shirt - Orange panties with flowers! Spring green sweater - woah! GREEN UNDIES! Pale pink button down - there they are: pink. And pale.

I continue to amaze myself with this wonderful talent I have discovered... (let's face it, there's not much else to look forward to around this office.)

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