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Showing posts from December 29, 2013

Seeing the Good Stuff

Someone asked me how I could possibly laugh. How on earth, they asked, could I possibly be happy?

Don't be quick to judge; they have their own demons whispering in their ears, screaming during their dreams. They honestly just didn't know how it was possible.

How is it, they wondered, that a soul can be crushed into nothingness and still be able to see joy?

Easy. I told them. I swam in the Gooligans.

When I was 10, my cousins took me to a state park in the area of Innisfail, Queensland. It was beyond magical. Surrounded by rainforest and natural waterfalls stood the clearest body of water I ever saw. I was only ten, but in my memory I swam in water as clear as the air around me. Like swimming in transparent silks and satins - it was absolutely perfect water. More perfect than I could ever conjure up in my own mind. I could look to the very bottom of the swimming hole - the water so clear I couldn't tell if it was six feet deep or six hundred.

I don't know if you'v…

Finding Jesus

It's snowing now. We should really be shoveling the sidewalks before the city imposes its $50 fine for unclear walkways. Instead I'm standing over our bed, items spread out: a flashlight, two pairs of pants, a couple quick drying shirts, my Bible and a journal with pencils. And still I have too much.

I'm not bringing make-up. That would be foolish. There is no need for perfume or hair dryers where I'm going. Even what I have - minimal by normal vacation standards - still seems way excessive.

I pack gluten-free granola bars, since I am one of those people. Except I'm not. I have a medical condition that requires a special diet. If I don't eat right I won't be any help to anyone. And yet, how do you feel good about yourself with a bag full of food, walking into a country that has none?

I stare at these items and think, "what am I doing?"

I have no business going to Haiti. It is not my country. It is not my problem. I live here, in the United State…