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AVERYday: Soaring with the Angels - Part 27

"Would you like us to pick out something for you?"

I snapped my head up and looked around the room. Matt was sitting next to me, completely out of his element. My Mom sat along the wall opposite the table, on a bench. I looked at my Mom. My Mom would know. My Mom knew that spraying Aqua-Net would take blue ink off  the sleeve of my white shirt. My Mom knew how to file taxes and hard boil eggs and how to varnish woodwork. She would know.

I turned back to the funeral director. "Um? Can I?" I stuttered. "I just? It's, uh? I just, uh, don't want her to be stuck in a corner...." I turned back towards my Mom, pleading with my eyes, help me!

My Mom spoke. I heard her but couldn't make out most the words. I heard my grandfather's name. The funeral director suggested we meet the next morning to pick out a final resting spot together.

Except, the next morning I was late. I was sitting stoically in a sterile chair that was trying too hard to pass fo…