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Showing posts from February 17, 2013

AVERYday: Helping Me Stand - Part 25

My friend and I went racing to the swing set at recess. In first grade, there was nothing better than the freedom of a swing. You could fly so high your toes could practically reach heaven. I felt so close. Imagine, being able to touch heaven.

"Push me! Push me!" we pleaded. We had the best recess monitor ever, Mrs. Hauns. She was the youngest old person I ever knew. She had a short, pixie hair cut and a smile that made this six-year old believe we were actually friends. She gave me the biggest push ever and I soared! I threw my head back and laughed.

And I watched as she pushed my friend. Over and over she pushed her. My friend laughing just like me. Except, I only got one push, and Mrs. Hauns kept pushing my friend over and over. It just wasn't fair.

I've always been "easy to read" when it comes to my facial expressions and how I feel about any given situation, so it was pretty obvious to Mrs. Hauns how upset I was as I suddenly jumped off my swing and …

Teddy Bear Picnic

These bears were crafted  (with a tremendous amount of love and respect) for Jadrian and Brody using a couple of Avery's shirts.

...with pink wings for Brody.

When Brody saw his bear he exclaimed, "Mama! This polar bear has pink wings! Just like AVERY!" Jadrian, whose heart is more solemn, said simply, "I remember her wearing this shirt." So do I, honey. So do I.