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Showing posts from February 15, 2009
Wow. I'm not very good at this blogging thing, am I? It's hard to come up with a topic of converstaion that's applicable to the entire world wide web. (Much easier for me to ramble on and on when I know my audience.)

I guess I could tell you I'm newly engaged. It was a phenominal proposal! The number one reason being HE ACTUALLY SURPRISED ME! Seriously. I pride myself on figuring things out, reading between the lines, adding two plus two together - duh! But this one blew my mind away. Blew it away in that gotta cock the head to the side and with an ultra-quizical look ask myself, "what is he doing? why is he on the ground? like, kneeling? what's he holding? i've seen that before... sparkly... a ring? why is he holding a ring? OH MY GAWD! HE'S HOLDING A RING!" Amazingly, the words out of his mouth matched exactly what I was thinking: He asked me -- ME! -- to marry him!

And all this happened in the middle of the court at halftime at the Badger game …