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Showing posts from February 1, 2009

* sigh *

There are many days I wish I had a super huge whirlpool tub.... not because I enjoy sitting naked with my butt pressed against hard fiberglass while watching my skin pucker... but because I think maybe, just maybe, the noise of the jets will block out the sounds of "the everything" that intrudes on my patience and I'll be able to "settle my mind," thus making me more respectful towards my children.

You know the noise of "the everything" -- kids bickering, husband saying he'd gladly put the dishes away if only he knew where they went, bills mocking you in their high pitched voices "ha! ha! you still haven't paid off your balance! you're paying more in interest than principal! ha! ha!", the toothpaste dots on the mirror teasing you because you still haven't figured out who is responsible for spraying them up there (seriously - do you really need to be THAT close to the mirror? And if you do, could you not just wipe it down when …