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Showing posts from November 9, 2008

NINE TIMES?! Are they crazy?!

Did you know that kids will ask an average of 9 times before a parent gives in. NINE TIMES!!

Two things stand out to me:
(1) that a child can be so strong-willed as to ask 9 times.... and,
(2) that I give in somewhere around 4 or 5 (my kids have it easy).

"Parents have this illusion that if they give their child the reason why they can't do what they want, the child will stop wanting it."

Oh, boy. Didn't I learn that a tad too late.

Raising the Jellybean (my oldest, now 13) I felt strongly that I wanted to give her a voice. (Probably because subconsciously I felt I didn't have one growing up.) I wanted to give her the words to use to defend herself and to explain herself. I wanted her to see that when you made a decision you should be able to back it up with why you chose what you did. I wanted her to have her beliefs and yet be able to explain why she believed what she did. I explained every decision I made in order to help teach her to be verbally responsible for her…