Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Sent from Heaven

It was Valentine's Day today. Brody had to bring Valentine's for his class. He's in 3k. I bought them last night. It hurt.

You see, Avery was my girl! She was organized and thoughtful and sensitive and all those things totaled a well thought out plan to be executed in advance. She would have come to me weeks ago with an idea. More than likely a very detailed plan that would require a lot of hard work. And she would have had a list of people to bring Valentine's to. Friends, teachers, bus drivers, the mailman, people down the street she saw one time getting into their car that she felt called to give something to so no amount of persuasion would convince her otherwise. Because that's what she did. She loved on people whether she knew them or not.

And I would have been somewhat embarrassed because I wouldn't know what to do with all that kindness and compassion, but I'd give in anyway and do it her way. And a part of me would think I don't want to be around on the day she figures out that the world is not as good as she sees it.

So, this year I tossed something together last minute, not even bothering to try to explain what we were doing and why. I dropped Brody off at school and drove to Walgreens and parked the car. Then I sat for a second. And I looked at the sky and tried to see the light through my tears. And I sat with tears streaming down my face not caring who saw because Lord, sometimes this hurt is so hard.

Then I pulled myself together, wiping my snotty face on my coat sleeves and taking in a deep breath. I grabbed my purse and found my debit card and went searching for the Walgreen's Balance Reward card because the last thing I wanted to do was stand in a line forced into idle chit chat while frantically pawing through the contents of my bag, barely holding it together. But I couldn't find the stupid card. I knew it was in there, so I started pulling things out...
after another...
after another...
I had started crying but ended up laughing because I didn't even realize I had all these pictures! I love how God takes care of me, giving me what I need exactly when I need it.
Of course my baby girl would say Happy Valentine's Day to me! That's what she does. She loves on people. And I had to admit, even when the hurt is really, really hard - the world really is as good as Avery saw it.
In other news, Avery was featured in the February, 2014 edition of the Irish American News. Another sweet hello on Page 35! Check it out! I think it's a great article that came just when I needed it!