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Showing posts from January 31, 2010


I probably could reach deep into my innards and pull out some snarkiness fun, but really, the truth is, I've got a teenager. Remember that stomping of the feet, pouting, glaring little two year old? It's as if I plunked her in water and she grew (like those silly sponge animals that come to life in a glass of water). Let me tell you, it is not that eay to pick the temper tampering teen up by the armpits, firmly place her on the time out chair and say, "This behavior is unacceptable."

On a seperate note, I have been busy planning my Youth Retirement Party. (That's when I officially retire from the Bean's youth, also known as "What fun things can I do now that she's 18 at college perfecting beer pong.") I've decided I want to have a property on an island. Any island. The more isolated the better.

The good news is that 'Hey Soul Sister' by Train still makes me smile and want to dance. Knowing that, I'm going to be just fine.