Monday, September 14, 2009

7 Days Left...

My Official Hatch Date is in 7 days. And yet, here I am. Womb bulging. I shouldn't really complain. It's not like we're "ready" in the sense of all those normal couples out there awaiting the birth of their child. Except for the crib one wouldn't even realize we were expecting a baby to enter the home any time soon. Part of it is because it's a lot to get ready and part of it is my expectation that the dog will eat everything anyway.

Seriously, the dog is out of control. In the last couple weeks it has destroyed two pairs of flip-flops (that were on a shelf), tore a sweatshirt to shreds (that was hanging up in a closet), ate a piece of trim and effectively removed a wooden extension gate that was blocking its access of a pass-thru window (from sun room to kitchen via the counter top). It's also picked up a nasty habit of barking and whining throughout the night and vomitting throughout the day...regardless of floor covering.

I'll be lucky if the child itself remains unaffected. Perhaps I should toss around the baby items just to distract the dog from the baby.

I really do want to give birth, but the Big V is working a lot and keeps reminding me that there really isn't a "good time" right now, what with all these deadlines... plus, I've had trouble with, uh, being 'regular' and I'm afraid that if I don't empty my system completely before going into labor there is no way I would be able to let V in the room to watch. I know, I know.... most women have a bowel movement at some point when pushing out baby... Can't I just be left alone in my denial? I can't think of this right now... ew.

I have an appointment this afternoon. Nothing like driving 45 minutes, waiting an hour, and then being told nothing is happening and that we're in a "holding pattern."