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Showing posts from June 14, 2009

What's in a Name?

Last night I went to watch Big V play softball. Although it was a late game, enough little kids were there to make me think school hadn't been let out yet. Sitting in front of me were three girls who looked in their early twenties. Two were sucking down cigarettes like it was their only life force. The one in the middle was going on and on about how she just found out she was pregnant two days ago and she and her boyfriend were going to call the baby "Gummy Bear" - because that's about the size it is right now. I figured out who the boyfriend was pretty easily: She'd scream "Go Gummy Daddy!" every time he was up to bat.

I wondered if I should cheer loudly for V to show my support, love and excitement, but couldn't quite get myself geared up to scream, "That's right Cletus's Daddy! You smack that ball!"

As I was coming up with more and more obnoxious cheers (obviously meant to purely embarrass the hell out of V ... things like, "…

It has to be one or the other... it HAS to be.

From the research I've been doing it looks like I need to start the gender stereotyping right NOW. It is virtually impossible to find decent gender neutral or unisex infant clothing items. Sure, there's the typical yellow ducks and green frogs - but isn't there something, anything a little "hipper?"

Most successful have been the many organic clothing sites, with their linen colored onesies and khaki colored matching yoga pants with orange stitching... for only $78. Unfortunately I'm on a budget.

I'm hesitant to even voice my frustration because I'm sure the response I'll hear is the critical cry of "I told you to find out what it is!" I've had friends get angry - yes, angry - because I wasn't being fair. As if I was required to find out the sex of my unborn child so they could go have a pleasant shopping experience, and my failure in doing so has wrecked havoc on their lives.

So, on I go... searching for the ever elusive unisex baby…